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EcoSolve Americas is proud to be the North American partner of Eco Solutions UK. Eco Solutions is a world-leading technology and innovations-driven company that has developed internationally patented leading-edge water-based paint strippers, coatings removers and associated products.

Company Background

EcoSolve Americas has been involved in the industrial paint stripping business since 1972 and in 1998 Eco Solutions our UK parent company which had prior to this time used chemicals like Methylene Chloride discovered a safe alternative formula for industrial paint stripping. Since 2002 EcoSolve Americas has made this innovative formula available in North America and will continue to expand our product line, technology and efforts to meet the needs of North Americans everywhere.

“There were no clean and safe alternative products to the hazardous solvents available which were effective enough to be used in for daily paint stripping and coatings removal, so we took a gamble and developed our own. Today Eco-Solutions markets the safest alternative to solvent-based strippers; all our products are water-based and do not harm either users or the environment.”

Ivor Chivers

Eco-Solutions Founder

Our Mission

EcoSolve Americas’ mission is to promote and develop safer alternatives to hazardous solvents used within the coatings removal, cleaning and waste water treatment marketplace using the most advanced, patented, bio and water based technology. We are also interested in educating consumers, trade and industry in North America, that safer, effective alternatives are available to replace existing hazardous materials.