EXP21 Immersion Stripper

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EXP21 Immersion Stripper

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This mobile emulsion is a non-toxic water-based paint remover with a neutral PH suitable for all woods and metals (including aluminium). EXP21 is ideally used cold in an immersion strip bath offering an effective alternative to toxic chemical strippers. All materials are readily biodegradable and not considered a marine pollutant. Product can enter water-courses and drains safely for easy clean up and disposal.


  • Free of all dangerous solvents
  • No need for ventilation
  • No need for Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Very low evaporation – very economical in use
  • Long life compared to solvents
  • Minimal VOC content – kind to both operative and the environment
  • Water-based, No hazards, No risks, No controls
  • Suitable for many applications including:
  • Furniture stripping, metal stripping, powder coatings removal, ink cleaning of rollers and machinery, degreasing and many industrial applications.